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When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves. 

~Victor Frankl



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Taking a theft class, theft course or attending a theft school can be a very helpful way to guide your life away from stealing, shoplifting or other theft behaviors which in the short run are very appealing. But, in the long run a life as a theft offender, a life of stealing, shoplifting etc., is one which leads to a dissatisfied and unfulfilled life. Certainly some people are down and out and, as such, feel the need to steal, shoplift, or commit some other form of theft but let me say... there are always options which work better than stealing. Think about your options - there are always options to stealing, shoplifting or other forms of theft. A theft class / theft course or shoplifting class can help!

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Offender Solutions® Inc is a convenient way to complete a Court, School or Diversion required theft / shoplifting program

You can take the class from any location in the United States, Europe, Canada or Australia with a computer and internet access. There is nothing to download. No print and read. Simply register, log in, choose your class, pay and begin your shoplifting class.

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